About Canton Apples

Canton Apples is a small apple farm containing 155 trees at our U-Pick orchard and 60 trees at our private orchard location. Varieties available for u-pick include Liberty, MacFree, Honeycrisp, Sweet Sixteen, McIntosh, St. Lawrence and Macoun to name a few of our most popular. At our private orchard, we are growing mostly old varieties, or heirloom apples. Varieties here include Golden Russet, State Fair, Duchess, Early Harvest, Egremont Russet, Ashmead’s Kernel and Milwaukee to name a few. Most of these trees are 3-4 years old. Many of these apples are planned to be ripe from early August to late October, and the goal is to supply a local retailer with fresh apples within these ripening dates.

Our u-pick operation generally opens mid September and remains open until the apples are all sold. We have ample off road parking and a rest room available at the orchard. New for the 2015 season is the addition of picnic tables. We encourage you to bring a lunch and enjoy your freshly picked apples!

Apples and Products

U-pick dates will be announced soon!
Lobo apples will be available at Nature’s Storehouse in the near future. Stay tuned!

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We will be posting different apple recipes and posting pictures of the orchard as the season progresses.



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