*****A huge thanks to all our customers!  Our u-pick is now closed for the season!  We harvested all of the apples at this orchard!  Our ciders are still available at our retail partners as we work on the harvest at our other orchards in the area.  ******

Ciders Currently Available:

Regular Apple

Apple Grape – Sold Out for the Season!  (Check our retailers as there may be some left at their stores!)

Apple Watermelon – Sold Out for the Season!

Apple Cranberry

Apple Wild Blackberry –    Sold Out for the Season!  (Check our retailers as there may be some left at their stores!)

Apple Pear  –  Sold Out for the Season!

Apple Blueberry  –  Sold Out for the Season!


Our ciders can be found at multiple retail partners around the region:

Nature’s Storehouse   21 Main Street, Canton

Potsdam Food Co op   24 Elm Street Potsdam

Jernabi Coffeehouse   11 Maple Street, Potsdam

Clayton Food Co op  720 James Street, Clayton


Our cider is made from multiple apple varieties from our orchards. Varieties can range from common apples such as McIntosh and Honeycrisp to heirlooms such as Alexander, Golden Russet and more!  There could be as many as 10 varieties used in one batch! All our juices are UV treated per New York State Law and are made in small batches as apples ripen to maintain high quality and uniqueness……every batch could have it’s own unique apple flavor!  Small batches sell out quickly so keep in touch via email, phone call or follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest information.  Our juice products are made from 100% St. Lawrence County grown fruits! 



While we grow some modern varieties, we specialize in heirloom or old variety apples.  Many are not familiar with the names of these apples but you are encouraged to learn more about them and give them a try! Don’t let the unique shapes, mis-matched sizes or weird colors scare you!  Most of these great varieties have gotten lost in the massive advertisement and production of modern apples. Blended varieties make the best flavored sauces, pies and juices.  You will not be disappointed! For a full list of varieties we maintain at our orchards, see our varieties page.

We also encourage you to try our cider and juices as each batch will have it’s own unique flavor.  With over 120 varieties of apples to use in production, you may experience flavors you have never had before! Cider & juices are be sold in pint, quart, half gallon and gallon sizes. 

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